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Strategic Plan

During the 2012 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA the LGBT Caucus of Public Health Professionals ("the Caucus") held its business meeting, where the membership agreed upon the need for the organization to examine its operations, mission, and goals through a long-term lens. In response to this need, the Caucus formed the Strategic Planning Committee, which was tasked with undertaking a comprehensive review of past and current Caucus activities and structure, charting several possible courses for the future, and to provide recommendations that would enable the Caucus to move towards those directions. The culmination of those activities is the 2013 Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan presented is by no means a binding document for the Caucus, nor is it exhaustive in its review nor definitive in its recommendations about where the Caucus can or should go in the future that determination, as always, will be a collaborative effort driven by members and executed by Caucus leadership. We do, however, view the plan as a series of carefully considered and interconnected recommendations based upon the 10-month work of the Strategic Planning Committee work which has been supplemented with and informed by invaluable feedback from both current and former members of the Caucus. Despite the lack of a formal requirement to implement any of these activities, we strongly urge the Caucus to consider and weigh the merits of each. Recognizing that needs and circumstances change, we also point to a broader need for the Caucus to think through and engage in improving upon the Content Areas we have identified, regardless of the specific activities employed to achieve them.

Click here to view the 2013 Strategic Plan

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