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Walter J. Lear Student Award

The Caucus established the Walter J. Lear Outstanding Student Research Award to recognize exceptional work by students on LGBT-related issues. The award consists of a stipend and free caucus membership. All students who submit an abstract to the Caucus for consideration for the annual meeting are eligible for this award.

Walter J. Lear was one of the founders and a longtime chair of the Caucus. He founded the Caucus in 1975 and worked with APHA to inform them of our health issues and the need for research. Click here to read Walter's Obituary

Thanks to Carmine Novembre of Pfizer for support of the Walter Lear Student Award. Pfizer logo

Year  Winner Presentation Title
2016 Amaya Perez-Brumer We don't treat your kind”: Social determinants of HIV prevention and care in the context of competing health needs among transgender people in Jackson, Mississippi
2015 Alex Maher McDowell, MPH, MSN, RN Transgender health for future nurses: Students' knowledge and beliefs before and after transgender curriculum integration
2014 Gilbert Gonzales, MHA Disparities in Health Insurance at the Intersection of Race and Sexual Orientation
2013 Janelle Downing, MS Socio-economic determinants of unmet need for gender-confirming healthcare
2012 Sari Reisner, MA Sexual orientation disparities in substance abuse in a sample of patients engaged in care at an urban community health center: The mediating roles of childhood abuse and intimate partner violence
2011 Aleksandar Kecojevic, MPH Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs Among High-risk LGBT Youth
2010 Laura Nasuti Sexual orientation and suicide attempts: Results from the California Quality of Life Survey II
2009 Mark Hatzenbuehler, MS, MPhil State-level discrimination policies: Environmental risk factors for psychiatric morbidity in LGB populations
2008 John R. Blosnich, BA, MPH Violence by any other name: Using population-based data to explore intimate partner violence (IPV) among same-sex relationships in the United States
2007 Annesa Flentje Santa, MA Reflections on policy and practices: LGBT veterans' experiences while in the military
2006 Allegra Raboff Gordon, MPH Gender nonconformity as a target of prejudice, discrimination, and violence against LGB individuals
2005 Anthony DiStefano, PhD, MPH Violence and Self-Harm Among LGBT People in Japan
2004 Amari Pearson-Fields, MPH Diversity within Diversity: Understanding the Impact of Gender Identity on Cancer Screening Adherence among African American Lesbians
2003 Diane S. Tider, BA, MPH Knowledge of HPV and effects on sexual behavior of gay/bisexual men